About us

About us

We  are a team of reliable, passionate veterinary health care professionals, lead by Dr  Micheal Kiragga who has 6 year’s experience in veterinary practice with a special interest in companion animals.

To serve the medical and surgical needs of pets in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa, we aim to run a forward-thinking, successful, client-orientated and pet health-focused practice.


Micheal is a committed Christian with a young family. He has a cat called Garfield and four dogs called Simba, Spice, Muro and Tiger.
Micheal enjoys many aspects of veterinary practice, but is particularly interested in small animal surgery. His son wants to grow up to be a veterinary doctor too!

Fortunate is one of the veterinary nurses at Kiram Veterinary Surgery and she also works at the reception desk. She is a Christian and loves all animals, but especially dogs. She enjoys reading in her free time.

Brenda is a veterinary nurse and receptionist at Kiram. She enjoys looking after the patients at the practice. In her spare time Brenda likes to read and pray.

Patrick works as a guard and cleaner at Kiram Veterinary Surgery. He also directs our clients as they drive into and park their cars at the practice and is also involved in dog walking. Patrick is a keen footballer and enjoys playing when he has the chance.

Our objective is to collaborate and work alongside the other veterinary professionals in Kampala. We also try to gain additional knowledge from visiting vets from Uganda and abroad.

We are a young professional veterinary team who are committed to the health care of your pets. We are forward-thinking and our aim is to provide caring, quality veterinary services to our clients and their animals. We are constantly striving to improve by further training and accessing current techniques and treatments.