Your Furry friend needs a bed


These are fluid filled sacs which develop in large dogs at areas of bony prominence at the elbow and tarsal joint

They develop due to reaction to pressure and friction between the hard surface and skin at these points.

This stimulates an inflammatory reaction and development of a thick walled cavity which can be filled with fluid or pus.

At our practice we usually see these cases in in large breeds and over weight dogs above 3years.

In most case these are painless swelling and they don’t bother your furry friend, however some can be complicated, lacerated and painful.

At our surgery we have seen uncomplicated and complicated hygromas which are very painful and infected.

Theses present with partial weight bearing lameness in affected limb , lethargy, exercise intolerance , increased white cell counts and some time fever.

Theses are non specific signs which can be seen in other diseases,however with aspiration of the swelling you noticed fluid mixed with pus.


Your veterinarian will be able to discuss with you the best treatment of plan.

Conservative treatment by drainage and bandaging can be done though with this method recurrence in unavoidable.

We don’t recommend injection of steroids at these sights since these can worsen the process.

Surgery is the most appropriate , your experienced veterinary surgeon can do this and drain the infected cyst. Care must be taken to avoid dead spaces and proper planning and manipulation of the skin to close nicely.

Our recommendation.

Hygroma can be prevented by providing soft padded surfaces for your furry friends.

Your large breed should be monitored to avoid unnecessary weight on him or her.

Provide a variety of soft bedding in most of corners where your dog rests.

Exercise your dog regularly most especially spayed and neutered dogs.

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