On 2nd of August 2019 at around 2:30am I received an emergency call from one of our clients,his three year old Maltese had whelped a week ago to five puppies .

Clinical signs

He noticed that she was restless,had muscle spasms ,she couldn’t stand ,aggressive,tremors and suddenly she started convulsing. He was in terrible panic mood like me and you can be when our furry friend is not well.I asked him to drive to the KIRAM VETERINARY SURGERY, from the history and signs he was narrating and our knowledge about this condition i knew this was Eclampsia.

Eclampsia is an emergency,life threatening medical condition associated with drop in blood calcium level in nursing mothers between one to four weeks after whelping. This condition is common in small sized dog breeds,cats and rare in rabbits.It is caused by excessive loss of calcium from the mother due to developing fetal skeleton,milk production,lack of balanced diet during pregnancy and problems with parathyroid gland.


We were lucky to have a quick response team of doctors and veterinary nurse who stay at the clinic.we intervined by giving slow intravenous calcium and anti convulsants drugs and intravenous fluid to the patient and after 30minutes there was good recovery.

This condition can be prevented by feeding your furry friend on diet recommend for nursing mothers, puppy formulated food and weaning off puppies when you notice it.

1 thought on “HYPOCALCEMIA IN DOGs

  1. I highly recommend this clinic. My Maltese was having convulsions and snapping the at the air and my regular vet was indisposed and couldn’t come to my rescue. I googled up the vet nearest me and I got Dr. Michael Kiragga. I called him and he picked up before the third ring. He advised that I bring in the patient. Talk about patience, he calmed the dog and I! We left in better spirits than we worked in!
    We should have more vets around us!
    Dr. Kiragga and your team, please keep up the good work!

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