Preventive Pet Health Care

Preventative health care is so important to us at Kiram Veterinary Surgery. It is always better to aim to keep your pet healthy, than to have to treat problems when they arise. To help prevent disease isn your animals, we offer low cost vaccinations, dewormers, heartworm medication, tick and flea and other preventive medications. In addition, as part of your pet’s annual health check we can offer laboratory services, such as: weight management and diet advice; older pet blood screening; faecal tests and heart worm testing. 

2 thoughts on “Preventive Pet Health Care

  1. My name is Jenny and I lived in Kampala for four years. Michael was the vet for all four of my animals…3 dogs and a cat. He did an amazing job. We have just left Kampala, and Michael handled all the documentation to get my animals into Europe. We had to leave the animals in Uganda for two months and I came back to the country to retrieve them. During that time he did a home visit with one of my dogs who became ill, and even took him back to the clinic to personally nurse him back to health. I can’t thank Dr. Michael enough for taking such good care of my pets while I was gone, and helping me to get them successfully to Europe. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good vet in Kampala or anyone who is leaving Uganda and wants to take their pets with them.

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